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Chorizo and Eggs for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner! This can be a quick, easy, and yummy thanks to this Chorizo and Eggs. The delicious flavor from the chorizo will spice up your regular breakfast routine!
Breakfast For Dinner .. Chef’s Favorite!

Whenever time or ideas are short for dinner, breakfast is a great option. This dish can easily be recreated with any type of sausage, but the flavor of pork chorizo cannot be beat! It brings a little heat and a ton of flavor to your eggs.

What Is Chorizo?

Chorizo is a Spanish word and is a pork or beef sausage. I used a Mexican Pork Chorizo, there are also Spanish and Portuguese, all variations on a theme. The Mexican version is usually easily available in the meat department of most grocery stores. If you cannot find it at yours, you may need to find a local Mexican-Latin American market. I grew up in South Texas, so this was always available!

How To Make Chorizo and Eggs
• Cook your pork chorizo. The pork Chorizo will give off a lot of fat so be sure and let a little drain on some paper towels. I like to a bit of fat with my eggs.
• Sauté your onions and scallions and jalapenos in a little olive oil until soft. If you want a milder version, use a green pepper instead of a jalapeno. Cool the onions, scallions,
and jalapenos for your mixture.
• Mix 9 eggs with three cups of milk with some salt and pepper.
• Add 2 cups of Mexican Cheese Blend
• Add in pork chorizo, onions, and jalapeno’s stir into egg mixture to combine. I fill ramekins with the egg mixture and cook at 450 degrees in the oven. I then invert the ramekin onto
the plate. Remove the ramekin.
• Top your pork chorizo and eggs with a Mexican cheese blend or I like to use a white cheddar cheese. Pico is good as well!
• Garnish with chopped cilantro and pork green chili and you have got a great meal!



When my husband and I decided we needed a break and change of scenery from Phoenix we looked to Denver. After spending hours researching where to stay, reading reviews, we booked 11 nights at the Capitol Hill Mansion. I cannot believe our good fortune. To say it is perfect, is an understatement. Upon arrival we were greeted by the owner, Carl. The entrance is full of charm and beauty – graced with hanging plants and antique furniture. I chose the Bluebell Suite. Oh my! Done in white and blue I felt like I had entered a summer cottage on the East Coast.

Little did I know the best was yet to come. Breakfast was served every morning in a beautiful courtyard filled with plants, an herb garden, hummingbird feeders, several small water features, and a corner doll house. All tables had white tablecloths and napkins, place settings were blue and white China handed down to Carl from his mother. Simply beautiful.

Carl does not know how to do an ordinary breakfast. He is an incredible, creative chef. We would start with coffee (from a French press) OJ, water, yogurt, and a plate of fresh fruit. On normal days that would have been enough for me. But who could refuse egg soufflés, homemade waffles, eggs Benedict, pancakes with apples and walnuts? And let us not forget the homemade breads, croissants and muffins filled with fresh fruit. My favorite? If I had to guess it was his creme brûlée French toast made with brioche topped with fresh berries.

Conclusion: Yes, I would highly recommend staying here. Both Carl and his beautiful daughter, Bailey, made our stay a memorable one. I cannot thank you enough.

Lamb Ragu Egg Soufflé

Thinking about breakfast? Come sit and immerse yourself in “A Culinary Journey Through Architecture” at the Capitol Hill Mansion Bed and Breakfast Inn this morning with Chef, Carl S. Schmidt II as he takes guests through a culinary experience this morning with a Lamb Ragu Cheese Blend Egg Soufflé